Jordan Pate

When did you first get involved with  Heybo Outdoors ? 
I first met Scott Clyburn in 2013 when I worked for an outdoor marketing firm and my first impression of Scott was how passionate he was about the outdoors and the Heybo Brand.  Scott’s vision and his dedication for the company was a real inspiration for me personally and I've felt a connection to the brand ever since. 

What is your favorite hobby when you’re not pursuing your outdoor passions? 
I've always had a spiritual connection with the ocean and growing up in a small beachside community, Surfing was always a passion of mine as a young man and still is to this day. I've surfed in 12 different countries and always loved the adventure of finding perfect waves in remote areas, experiencing different cultures, and making new friends along the way. My surfing adventures helped make me who I am today and while I don't get to experience the traveling part as much, I get just as much pleasure surfing with my kids on the same beach where I caught my first wave. 

What is your favorite category in the Heybo line?
Performance Shirts and the Bay Shorts 

How would you spend your dream day?
I'm a huge baseball fan and the Atlanta Braves are my team. Guiding Braves’ legends Chipper Jones, Dale Murphy, and Freddie Freeman for a day of fishing in my homewaters would be my version of a perfect day. 


Waterman, Outdoorsman, Father, Husband

I specialize in guiding light tackle and fly fishing charters on the South Carolina coast since 2010. As a conservation minded guide, I take pride in my role as an ambassador for our natural resources and use my platform to educate others on the importance of establishing a balanced ecosystem which is critical for maintaining healthy fisheries for generations to come. Red Drum and Tarpon conservation are top priorities to me because these are my favorite fish to target in my homewaters of Winyah Bay, Georgetown SC. I've been involved with numerous fish tagging programs including most recently working alongside the Bonefish Tarpon Trust on a Tarpon Tagging program to identify juvenile tarpon habitats along the South Carolina Coast. When Im not guiding clients in the estuaries of Winyah Bay, I enjoy making memories in the outdoors with my two kids. Whether it's Turkey Hunting, Fishing, Deer Hunting, harvesting oysters, those are memories that will stick with them and hopefully pass along those experiences with their kids. 

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