Kenny Corder

When did you first get involved with Heybo Outdoors?
Starting buying the T shirts and hats in 2016.  Officially partnered with HEYBO in 2018

What is your favorite hobby when you’re not pursuing your outdoor passions?
Most of my hobbies if not all involve my outdoor passions.  However, my favorite this is spending time and enjoying experiences with my wife and kids.  I try to live out the faith and family lifestyle.  

What is your favorite category in the Heybo line?
While most would probably assume that the lifestyle clothing line would be what I would tell you since that’s my daily wear.  However, I go crazy over the technical hunting gear.  From my early days in the military I have been a gear guy through and through.  Number one rule is you got to look cool!  HEYBO technical gear defiantly allows you to do that.  Number two rule it’s got to actually work and be functional.  

How would you spend your dream day? 
Starting off at sunrise with ducks and coffee. Spending the day with my wife and children.  Then finishing strong with deer at sunset.  Followed by a family dinner, a fireplace, and God’s Word.



Kenny Corder got into the outdoors shortly after joining the military in 2004. Years in the Infantry gave him a passion for all things outside. His recruiter and friend extended an invitation to his first hunting club in Auburn, Alabama, and the rest is history. Kenny has since immersed himself in the outdoor industry. Producing and hosting the American Signature Podcast, as well as generating stories and content for social media, videos, and magazines.  Covering everything from hunting, shooting, dog training, and much more.  

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