Will Eaddy

When did you first get involved with Heybo Outdoors?
February 2018

What is your favorite hobby when you’re not pursuing your outdoor passions?
Cooking, Reloading amao, Shooting Sporting Clay and Truck crop farming 

What is your favorite category in the Heybo line?
The Guide Shirt

How would you spend your dream day?
I want sent my dream in the duck blind killing a mixed bag of different species of ducks in the morning hunt. Then in the afternoon hunt climb up in a Deerstand and kill a 140 inch plus trophy book buck. 

I’m from Anderson S.C but I Grew up in Manning South Carolina on my family’s 800 acre dairy and row crop farm. That is where I developed my passion hunting and fishing from my family and friends. 

I’m an all a round hunter. I love duck hunting more than anything but I also hunt Deer, Doves, Rabbits, squirrels, Turkeys, Quail, predators and hogs. Deer hunting was my first love. I killed my first deer when I was 12 years old on a dog drive with a shotgun and Since then I have killed over 239 deer with a Shotgun, Rifle, Bow and Pistol combined. 

I have been hunting for 31 years now and I still love it. When I’m not hunting I’m doing shooting Sports. Anything from Sporting clay, trap, skeet and five stand to rifle pistol and long-range shooting. I do my all my own reloading for shotguns rifles and pistols. It’s very rewarding to take a rifle and develop a load. To make it shoot quarter-inch MOA at one hundred or better. There’s a lot more about me but I would have to spend all day with you talking about it. 

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