Capt. Craig Korczynski

When did you first get involved with Heybo?

Trent Rogers from Daiwa put me in contact with Scott Clyburn from Heybo. I have been participating in the Heybo guide program since spring 2016.


What is your favorite hobby when you’re not pursuing your outdoor passions?

I enjoy photography, especially under water photography of salt and freshwater species. 


What is your favorite category in the Heybo Line?

I enjoy the whole Heybo clothing line as an avid fisherman, hunter and spending family time outdoors. Heybo provides a stylish one stop shop for apparel. 


How would you spend your dream day?

My dream day would consist of push poling the shallow grass flats of the everglades. Sight fishing snook, redfish and tarpon with my wife and daughter on the bow.



Capt. Craig Korczynski grew up in Palm beach county spending countless hours scouring local waters  in search of the next big catch. Capt. Craig is owner of Phlats Guide Services, as a full time fishing guide for he past 18 years his expertise of local waters stretches from Stuart to south Palm beach county. He specializes in snook and tarpon year round. As well as largemouth bass, peacock bass and other exotic species.  

Capt. Craig Korczynski is a family man himself he can be seen on his days off with his favorite fishing partner, his daughter Ocean pearl. As an avid angler and fishing guide Capt. Craig strives to teach kids and novice anglers the basics of fishing, along with knowledge of the area and species being targeted. 

As a light tackle inshore fishing enthusiast, Capt Craig has filmed fishing shows, participated in national fishing seminars sharing his passion for fishing with others.  Anglers can expect the best from Capt. Craig and most importantly can learn to target species with artificial lures, fly, or live bait in any type of water.

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