Here’s to our mothers.

If there is anyone to thank for getting us to where we are today, most of us could agree it’s our mothers. At the very simplest they brought us into the world, but most of us could sit down and begin to share all that our mothers have done for us, and we would still be sitting there talking a week later. While she worked hard to meet our basic needs… the cooking, the cleaning, keeping us well dressed and put together… perhaps the most notable impact she made was in the raising of her children… the character development, the life lessons taught, the nurturing, the spiritual guidance. 

When we think of the outdoors and our relationships with it, most people probably attribute that connection to their father. But let’s not forget the contributions of our mothers and the work she did behind the scenes so that those special outdoors memories could happen in the first place.

Here’s to the mothers that made warm breakfasts after the duck hunts and packed snack bags for in between. The mamas that drove golf carts at the sporting clays competitions and talked us down when the nerves and mental challenges hit. Here’s to the mothers that kept us covered in sunscreen. That took us by the gun shop once a week to drool over that gun we had to have. Here’s to the mamas that brought the gas can when we ran out of gas or the rope when we were stuck. The mothers that held the fishing line while we wound it onto the reel. Or made sure we made that crack of dawn wake up call. 

Putting it simply, mothers make the world go round. May we love them, appreciate them, and most importantly… be more like them.