Gift Guide 2020: For Your Duck Hunter

With Christmas falling midway through Duck Season, it’s the perfect opportunity to gift your hunter the things they need and still have time to use it.

  1. Camo Beanie ($24.99)
    A fleece lined beanie is a non-negotiable when it comes to duck season. Gotta keep those ears warm!
  1. Steel Shot Shells
    It’d be mighty difficult to hunt without shells. Few hunters would be upset about receiving ammunition under the tree.
  1. Landing Zone Full Zip ($99.99)
    The Landing Zone Full Zip is your go to jacket for waterfowl hunting. Featuring a Fowl Weather Technology outer shell and poly fleece inner lining, this jacket provides you with superior mobility and warmth without the bulk. Rugged, lightweight, and tough enough to be worn as outer wear, but slim enough to be worn as an insulating layer.
  1. Delta Wader Pant ($99.99)
    Constructed of durable, polyester shell with Sherpa fleece backing and articulated patterning the Delta Wader Pant provides unmatched warmth and unrestricted movement. With adjustable ankle gaiters, there’s no chance you’ll end up with hiked up pants insider your waders.
  1. Timbers Technical Hoody ($109.99)
    The Timbers Technical Hoody combines the comfort and fit of the traditional woven hoody with the features of a technical hunting jacket. This hoody is constructed with a Sherpa fleece lining and a DWR/wind-blocking outer shell delivering you with optimal warmth, comfort, and protection from the elements making this item a must-have for the hardcore waterfowl hunter.
  1. Thermos
    Your hunter will be awfully glad to have a thermos on hand when their 4am wakeup call rings. Whether it’s hot chocolate or coffee, a warm drink in the duck blind is hard to beat.
  1. Ankle Gaiters ($9.99)
    If your hunter owns a pair of Delta Wader Pants, they won’t have to worry about separate ankle gaiters. But if they don’t happen to have ankle gaiters built into their pants, they will surely need a set for Christmas. With a new set of adjustable gaiters, there’ll be no more trying to readjust your pants legs inside your waders. 
  1. Flyway Bibs ($149.99) and Jacket ($179.99)
    The Flyway Bib and Jacket were born and designed to withstand the waterfowl season's most extreme conditions. Featuring a reinforced, heavy duty, poly fleece lining paired with a wind blocking, waterproof outer shell, this bib provides you with superior warmth, comfort, and protection from the frigid elements faced during the hunt.
  1. Higdon Duck Decoys
    I think all duck hunters would agree, you can never have too many decoys. Your duck hunter would be tickled pink to find a set of foam-filled decoys under the tree. Durable, visible, and realistic, these decoys will surely bring the ducks in.
  1. Echo Duck Calls
    Echo Duck calls are customizable and tuned so new and experienced duck hunters alike can have a quality experience. Whether your duck hunter’s lanyard is full or lacking, a new duck call would be appreciated.
  1. Neck Gaiter ($24.99)
    Useful for both concealment and warmth, a neck gaiter is a must in the duck blind. Offered in a few different patterns, your duck hunter will surely be pleased to have a new adjustable gaiter.