2020 Gift Guides: Stocking Stuffers for your Outdoorsman

Christmas shopping isn’t done until the stockings are stuffed! And if your household is anything like mine, stocking stuffers are where practicality meets gift giving. Outdoorsmen tend to be no-frills, so let’s stuff their stockings accordingly. We’ve compiled a list of stocking stuffers that your outdoorsman is guaranteed to not only appreciate, but actually use.

  1. Heybo Rambler Sock: ($12.99)
    Whether you’re suiting up for a hunt or getting ready for a day at work, life’s too short to wear boring socks. Heybo Rambler Socks are versatile, comfortable, and affordable.
  1. Headlamp:
    My Paw Paw lived by a few good rules, one of which was never to never go anywhere without a flashlight. He had one by the bed, in his truck, on the end table, in his shop, and everywhere in between. A good headlamp is a must for every outdoorsman to throw into their blind bag, truck, or shop.
  1. FireDisc Seasonings: ($9.99)
    Here at Heybo, we like to hunt and fish, but we also like to eat. And that’s the beauty of this sport… it doesn’t end when the trigger is pulled or the hook is set. Feeding your family a meal from the wild game you hunted or the fish you caught is rewarding, and even more so when it tastes good.
  1. Hebyo Camo Beanie: ($24.99)
    I rarely go out in the cold and don’t think about my mama telling my brother and I to “cover your ears before you go outside” when we were growing up. Keep your mamas happy and your ears warm too, with a fleece lined beanie.
  1. Disposable Hand Warmers
    Whether you’re busting ice on cow troughs, in the blind, or sleeping on the side of a mountain, disposable hand warmers can feel like a life saver. Having these handy through the late season cold temperatures will be a treat for your outdoorsman and his hands.
  1. Hebyo Shell Bag ($19.99)
    Made out of waxed cotton canvas, this shell bag is made to last. You won’t be purchasing another shell bag for a stocking stuffer for quite some time.
  1. Chapstick
    Nobody… I repeat nobody… likes chapped lips. Enough said.
  1. YETI Beverage Entry Tool ($9.99)
    Every properly stuffed stocking should have at least one gadget in it. With a twist-off wrench, church key, and can tab opener… this tool is the definition of handy. Your outdoorsman can throw it on a key chain, in his tool box, or in the cooler and it’ll be there when he needs it. 
  1. Heybo Ankle Gaiters ($9.99)
    Too bad I didn’t have set of these growing up. My mom would stuff my brother and I into little coveralls to protect us from the cold as we played outside. And to this day I remember just how uncomfortable I would be with my pants rolled up to my knees, shoved down in those coveralls. With these ankle gaiters, your pants will stay put, keeping you comfortable the whole hunt.
  1. Truck Cleaning Supplies
    Listen up ladies, pro tip here. We all know how much men enjoy a clean truck. Stuff their stocking with all the truck cleaning supplies and maybe, just maybe, they’ll wash your vehicle too while they’re shining up their trucks!
  1. Heybo Dog Bowl ($19.99)
    Every good dog owner is willing to share their stocking space with their pup. With a non-slip bottom even the most eager of dogs will be able to eat without sliding all around.  
  1. Heybo Performance Boxers ($24.99)
    Is it really Christmas if you don’t get underwear? But these aren’t boxers your grandma would give you. Moisture wicking, quick dry, and an elastic waistband will keep you comfortable through whatever the day brings.
  1. Blind Bag Snacks
    Nothing shows your outdoorsman you care like making sure his blind bag snack stash is stocked.
  1. Frogg Togg Waterproof Dry Bag
    Does your outdoorsman have a camping or kayaking trip soon? Having your belongings soaked will surely “dampen” the mood. Make sure they keep their gear dry with a waterproof dry bag.
  1. Heybo Tumbler ($9.99)
    Double walled and durable to keep your drinks warm or cold, this tumbler will go with you wherever you need it.