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ICast Day 2

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A very busy and eventful Day 2 here at ICast has come to a close. Day 2 was full of interviews. We started the day off by interviewing Pro Staffer and Bassmaster Elite Angler Jason Williamson (J-Will). During the interview J-Will talked about his favorite Heybo gear, which included the 2nd Gen. Fishing shirt and the brand new Aquatech Performance Hoodie. See the view below to hear what J-Will has to say about the 2nd Gen Fishing Shirt.

Next on the list was Field Staffer Michael Cowart. Michael gave us a quick update on how his redfish tournament season was going and then proceeded to take us to the Z-Man booth where he told us about his favorite bait, the Ez Shrimpz. After that we interviewed Field Staffer Justin Weber who told us about one of his other sponsors, Sunsect, an insect repellant that lasts up to 6 hours.

Our featured product of the day was our 2nd Gen Fishing Shirt. The 2nd Gen Fishing Shirt is designed specifically to meet the needs of any fisherman or outdoorsman. This shirt is made of 100% polyester, making it super lightweight. It features button down collars, hidden snap pockets on the left chest, and mesh-lined cape vents down both sides to keep you cool. This button down is perfect to wear for many occasions, like going out to eat with your beloved other or on the boat rippin' a few lips. With its built in UV protection rated UPF 30, it is all you need to spend a day outdoors! Click on the video below to learn more about it!

ICast 2017 Day 1

Day 1 of ICast is in the books. The day started off with a bang, as always everybody was trying to get into the door. We had a great day! Our booth was packed for much of the day with people checking out our brand new products. We also had many visits from our Field Staff members along with [...]

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Heybo Outdoors Partners with Sportsman Boats

Heybo Outdoors partnered with Sportsman Boat Works to wrap one of their Masters 267 center consoles for the iCast fishing show in Orlando, Florida. Like Heybo, Sportsman is located in South Carolina and is dedicated to providing quality, top of the line products.The Sportsman Masters 267 is a 26 ft 7 in center console powered by a 4 stroke [...]

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Bass Fishing Tips from an Heybo Field Staffer

As the bass spawn begins to wind down and the bass start to move out towards their summertime patterns, one of my favorite lures to throw is a wacky rigged stick bait such as a Berkeley Havoc Flat Dawg. I usually pair my 5” worm with a 1/0 Berkley Fusion19 Finesse Wide Gap hook and I keep the color [...]

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Fishing Tip: Slip Corks

Capt. Shane Flannigan with the Reel Deal Charters (843-388-5093) from Charleston, SC here.  My pro tip I want to share with you is the Slip Cork. The main reason I fish the slip cork is while I’m fishing with clients, I can use the same rig fishing in 1ft of water to 10ft of water or more by setting [...]

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Connecting the Dots

On a cold late winter day with bright bluebird skies, it was about 1:30 in the afternoon when I entered a small bayou that had two small finger creeks feeding into it. The water was gin clear about 18” to 24” deep with a mixed bottom of sand and mud. I eased the Skeeter quietly through the bayou with [...]

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Nesting Boxes for Migratory Birds

As you all know it's nesting season for migratory birds right now. As for us here in South Carolina we have the wonderful wood duck. The wood duck is a resident puddle duck whom is one of the most striking of all waterfowl. Right now is the time that the paired wood ducks are looking for nest. Wood [...]

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Bow Hunt for Hogs in SC

The phone rang on the morning of January 14th with a call from one of my long time bow hunting brothers. Although I was busy with work I answered with the intent to let Jeff know I was too busy to chat. In Jeff’s normal fashion when I [...]

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Spring Turkey Hunting

Think of this as your ultimate spring turkey hunting guide. The end goal is simple: to teach you how to hunt turkeys more effectively. Just reading this blog will not make you a better turkey hunter. So, you'll have to take what you learn and apply it in the woods. Out there, we can't tell you what to do. [...]

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Inshore Fishing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

When most people think of the Outer Banks they think of heading out of the Oregon Inlet and into the deep sea to catch a big blue marlin or maybe a yellowfin tuna. However, there are many inshore saltwater species of game fish to catch on the Outer Banks: including Cobia, Red Drum, King Mackerel, Speckled Trout, and Summer [...]

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